ITTO delivers presentation to YOKE’s interns


YOKE’s interns visit ITTO headquarters in Minato-Mirai, Yokohama. Photo: Shoko Suzuki/ITTO

Six interns from several Yokohama universities, along with Ms Matsuda Chika from the Yokohama Association for Communications and Exchanges (YOKE), visited ITTO on 20 February 2024 to learn about the Organization and its work on sustainable forest management.

ITTO’s Ken Sato spoke to the group about the importance of tropical forests, ITTO’s work on sustainable forest management, and how the Organization unites countries to achieve common goals and collaborates with other organizations to support each other’s missions. In a question-and-answer session, topics discussed included the challenges encountered in carrying out ITTO’s work and assessing impact, and the joy of “making a difference”.
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