Action plans

ITTO Strategic Action Plan 2022-2026

The ITTO Strategic Action Plan 2022–2026 will guide ITTO’s policy and project work over a five-year period. It builds on the achievements made under previous strategic action plans and sets out a clear strategy and guidance. The plan has five parts:

• Part 1 highlights the importance of forests to human wellbeing and the role of ITTO in this regard.

• Part 2 identifies trends and challenges in the tropical forest sector, including in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Part 3, the heart of the plan, identifies four strategic priorities for the Organization (“governance and investment”; “economies and tropical timber trade”; “resilience, restoration and conservation”; and “statistics and information”), and four crosscutting strategies (on capacity building, ITTO’s effectiveness, COVID-19 recovery and gender equality), as well as 38 associated targets to be achieved by 2026.

• Part 4 details the framework for implementing the Strategic Action Plan.

• Part 5 addresses the monitoring, reporting and review of the plan’s implementation.

Published:  June 2022