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Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (TFLET)

The general objective of the Thematic Programme is to improve national forest law enforcement and governance in tropical ITTO member countries in order to enhance and diversify international trade in tropical timber from sustainably managed forests and to help alleviate poverty in those countries.

Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services in Tropical Forests (REDDES)

The general objective of the Thematic Programme is to help improve livelihoods by reducing deforestation and forest degradation and enhancing environmental services through the sustainable management of tropical forests, forest restoration, afforestation, reforestation and other related activities.

REDDES Projects
Submitted by ID Title ITTO Funding
REDDES 2nd Cycle (2009)
Brazil RED-PD 029/09 Rev.1 (F) Monitoring deforestation, logging and land use change in the Pan Amazonian Forest - PANAMAZON II $1,124,784
China RED-SPD 020/09 Rev.1 (F) Development and demonstration on scheme of payment for environmental services (PES) derived from degraded and secondary tropical production forests in China $149,040
DRC RED-A 023/09 Rev.1 (F) Technical Support for the Development of a National Forest Inventory in the Democratic Republic of Congo to assess carbon stocks and changes in carbon stocks of forest land $476,820
Ghana RED-PD 026/09 Rev.1 (F) Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation through collaborative management with local communities $658,716
Guatemala RED-PPD 006/09 Rev.2 (F) Local REDDES programme for development and addressing climate change in Guatemala: Building social processes fror sustainability $82,080
Guyana RED-PD 005/09 Rev.2 (F) Strengthening Guyana's capacity to manage forest resources and environmental services through resources assessment and monitoring changes in deforestation and degradation $400,680
Indonesia RED-PD 007/09 Rev.2 (F) Enhancing forest carbon stock to reduce emission from deforestation and degradation through sustainable forest management (SFM) initiatives in Indonesia $447,071
Indonesia RED-SPD 009/09 Rev.2 (F) Promoting the partnership efforts to reduce emission from deforestation and forest degradation of tropical peatland in south Sumatra through the enhancement of conservation and restoration activities $149,493
Peru RED-PD 018/09 Rev.1 (F) Sustainable forest management and utilization of ecosystem services in forests managed by the Ese'Eja naïve community in Infierno, Peru $356,519
REDDES 3rd Cycle (2011)
Cameroon RED-PPD 050/11 Rev.1 (F) Participatory development, conservation and rehabilitation of degraded forest areas in the Bamboutos Mountain chain, West Cameroon $73,613
Cameroon RED-PPD 051/11 Rev.1 (F) Contribution to the implementation of REDD mechanisms by enhancing the participation of stakeholders in sustainable forest management in Cameroon $81,864
Ecuador RED-SPD 055/11 Rev.4 (F) Integrating sustainable livelihoods, environmental mortgages, and science-based reforestation for tangible forest conservation change in the Ecuadorian Chocó $149,922
Honduras Guatemala RED-PPD 041/11 Rev.2 (F) Designing a Programme for Capacity Building and Meaningful Stakeholder Participation in Forest Governance and REDD+ in Honduras and Guatemala $144,650
Indonesia RED-PD 064/11 Rev.2 (F) Promoting Local Community Initiative on the Rehabilitation of Mangrove Ecosystem with Demonstration Activities in Bintan Island to Reduce further Deforestation and Forest Degradation $504,317
ITTO RED-PA 056/11 Rev.1 (F) Strengthening the capacity of ITTO producer countries in Africa in generating and disseminating scientific information on Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services from Forests $253,120
ITTO RED-PA 069/11 Rev.1 (F) Quantifying the REDD+ effect of ITTO projects $143,510
Malaysia RED-PD 037/11 Rev.2 (F) Reducing forest degradation and emissions through sustainable forest management (SFM) in peninsular Malaysia $590,922
Myanmar RED-PD 038/11 Rev.3 (F) Capacity building for developing REDD+ activities in the context of sustainable forest management $571,890
Mexico RED-PD 045/11 Rev.2 (M) Environmental assessment and economic valuation of ecosystem services provided by coastal forests (mangrove forests, flood forests, rain forests and scrub forests on dunes) and their agricultural replacement systems on the central coastal plain of Veracruz, Mexico $470,682
Peru RED-PD 033/11 Rev.3 (F) Value adding to environmental services from managed forests belonging to seven communities in the Ucayali region $415,384
Thailand RED-SPD 039/11 Rev.1 (F) Improving the quality and coverage of the estimates of carbon stocks in Thailand's forests and trees outside forest: Phase I (sunset) $113,373
Togo RED-PD 031/11 Rev.1 (F) Rehabilitation and restoration of residual forests and arid savannah lands in the Akpé and Akama valleys $478,894

Community Forest Management and Enterprises (CFME)

The general objective of the Thematic Programme is to contribute to poverty reduction in tropical forest areas by: (i) strengthening the ability of forest communities and smallholders to sustainably manage their tropical forest resources; and (ii) assisting CFEs to add value to and market the products and services obtained from these resources.

Trade and Market Transparency (TMT)

The general objectives of this Thematic Programme are to: (i) increase the capacity of producer member countries to develop and employ market intelligence and marketing skills; and (ii) improve market transparency through improved data and analysis.

Industry Development and Efficiency (IDE)

The general objective of this Thematic Programme is to strengthen the capacity of tropical timber-producing countries to: (i) increase the production, further processing and trade of tropical timber and other forest products and services from sustainably managed and legally harvested forests; and (ii) improve efficiency in the processing and utilization of tropical timber and timber products and non-timber forest products (NTFPs).