Can tropical wood maintain share of Europe’s furniture sector?

A new report by ITTO and Independent Market Monitoring provides insights into Europe’s furniture sector, as revealed by major market players. The report, based on interviews with nearly 50 companies, explores the role of verified legality in improving access to European Union furniture markets for tropical wood and provides a baseline for monitoring the impacts of FLEGT timber licensing.

ITTO helps women create thriving charcoal business

In Côte d’Ivoire, an ITTO project has helped locally organized women develop new skills in sustainable forest management, charcoal production and marketing, earn income to support their families, and become leaders in promoting women in the country’s forest sector. They tell their stories in a series of new videos—watch the first one here.

Keeping track of the forest

Forests are complex ecosystems, and they change over time. Contemporary sustainable forest management (SFM) requires the collection and analysis of timely, accurate, meaningful data to assist in understanding these systems, monitoring changes, and tracking their harvested products. This edition of the TFU takes a look at some of ITTO’s efforts to help forest managers address this information...

Bouquets for ITTO project in new video

In a new 1-minute video, local woman Yolanda E. Rodriguez describes how an ITTO-funded project has built capacity and empowered women in the municipality of Sinibal, San Marcos, Guatemala, to produce flowers and vegetables for sale in local markets, thereby improving their livelihoods and raising awareness of the need for sustainable forest management and reforestation.

In shadow of volcano, local man speaks on benefits of ecotourism

New approaches to ecotourism and sustainable forest management have improved livelihoods for people living near the Tacana volcano in the Mesoamerican Biodiversity Corridor. In a new 1-minute video, community member Anibal Abundio Berduo speaks about an ITTO-funded project that has helped people increase incomes, upgrade forest trails, lookouts and signage, and conserve their forests.