Courtesy call by members of Yokohama City Council and Diet


From left to right: Simon Kawaguchi, ITTO; Takenouchi Takeshi, Yokohama City Council; Fukushima Naoko, Vice-President, Yokohama City Council; Sheam Satkuru, ITTO Executive Director; Sakaya Sasaki, Diet member; Takahashi Masaharu, former Vice-president of Yokohama City Council; and Nakajima Mitsunori, Yokohama City Council. Photo: S. Kawaguchi/ITTO

Diet member Sakaya Sasaki and several members of the Yokohama City Council paid a courtesy visit to ITTO headquarters on 10 July 2023 to meet with ITTO Executive Director Sheam Satkuru. Representing the Yokohama City Council were Ms Fukushima Naoko, Vice-president; Mr Takahashi Masaharu, former Vice-president; and Mr Nakajima Mitsunori and Mr Takenouchi Takeshi.

The meeting discussed how ITTO and the City of Yokohama could enhance their ongoing collaboration, together with the Japanese Government, for increasing outreach to the Japanese private sector. Amongst several matters, interest was expressed on conducting a field visit for Diet and Yokohama City Council members to an ITTO producing country to experience the wide range of ITTO field work in the tropics, and to organize relevant meetings and outreach activities involving associations in Japan.

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