ITTO Executive Director meets Mayor of Yokohama City


Yokohama City Mayor, Yamanaka Takeharu (left), stands alongside ITTO Executive Director, Sheam Satkuru. Photo: S. Kawaguchi/ITTO
ITTO Executive Director Sheam Satkuru met with Yokohama City Mayor, Yamanaka Takeharu, on 1 September 2022 to discuss ways in which ITTO’s work might contribute to the city’s carbon-neutrality plan, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and collaboration on the World Horticultural Exhibition, which will be held in Yokohama in 2027.
The Chair of the Yokohama City Council, Shimizu Tomio (left), and his Vice-chair, Takahashi Masaharu (right), stand alongside ITTO Executive Director Sheam Satkuru. Photo: City of Yokohama

Ms Satkuru also made a courtesy call on Shimizu Tomio and Takahashi Masaharu, the Chair and Vice-chair of the Yokohama City Council, respectively. Ms Satkuru thanked the Mayor and the Chair and Vice-chair for Yokohama’s generous support in hosting ITTO for more than three decades.

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