Country activities



TMT Component

Supporting SMEs and Importers of Tropical Timber for Better Understanding of CITES and the need to Comply with CITES Rules in China


Phase I

4. National Workshop on Identification of information gaps towards the SFM of ramin and thematic programs to be included in the 2009 and 2010 Work Program of the ITTO-CITES Project- “Ensuring international trade in CITES-listed timber species is consistent with their sustainable management and conservation.”

6. Asian Workshop of the ITTO-CITES Project on ensuring international trade in CITES-listed timber species is consistent with their conservation and management

Phase II

1. The assessment of ramin plantation requirement and the establishment of ramin genetic resources conservation gardens

2. Managing Agarwood plantation in Indonesia

3. Capacity building on seedling propagation ot techniques and awareness raising on CITES implementation and ramin roadmap

4. Promoting conservation of plant genetic resources of Aquilaria and Gyrinops species in Indoneisa

5. Development of a ramin conservation concept (Gonystylus spp.) for plantation forest concessions

7. Establishment of an integrated agarwood cluster in Bintan Island, Indonesia


Phase I

1. Non-detriment findings report on Gonystylus bancanus – A quantitative assessment of G. bancanus in two selected permanent forests of Sarawak.

2. The quantification of dry and wet inland Gonystylus spp. (ramin), Aquilaria spp. (agarwood) and Intsia spp. (merbau) in Peninsular Malaysia.

3. Generation of spatial distribution maps of Gonystylus bancanus (ramin) using hyperspectral technology and determination of sustainable level of harvest of Ramin in production forests of Peninsular Malaysia.

4. The development of Gonystylus spp. (ramin) timber monitoring system using radio frequency identification (RFID) in Peninsular Malaysia.

5. Developing DNA database for Gonystylus bancanus in Sarawak.

6. National workshop on enforcement compliance for trade in ramin (Gonystylus spp)

7. Sawn timber and veneer recovery study of ramin (Gonystylus bancanus) in Peninsular Malaysia

8. Regional Workshop on the Sharing of Findings from the Activities Implemented in Malaysia and Indonesia

Phase II

3. Reproductive and genetic studies towards the conservation and management of Aquilaria malaccensis in Peninsular Malaysia

4. Development of an information database for the conservation and sustainable use of Gonystylus bancanus (Ramin) and Aquilaria malaccensis (Karas) in Malaysia