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TMT component
Establishment of a fully documented reference sample collection and identification system for all CITES-listed Dalbergia species and a feasibility study for Diospyros and look-alike species (TMT component)

Research article: Research article

Preparation of the publication "atlas of tropical timber species - 1st edition: technological characteristics and uses of 273 tropical timber species (and 17 temperate species)"

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Video: Videos on sustainable management of CITES-listed timber species




International Meeting on Sustainable Forest Management in CITES
Bali, Indonesia, 8-10 January 2013

Regional Workshop for Central America and Mexico hosted by CONAP and INAB
La Antigua, Guatemala, 16-18 July 2013

Asian Regional Workshop on Management of Wild and Planted Agarwood Taxa
Guwahati, India, 19-23 January 2015


Country reports

Working Group Meeting on "Non-detriment findings (NDF) - Practical guidance for CITES-listed tree species"
La Antigua, Guatemala, 16-19 September 2015



Workshop report