Exhibitions and social events in Japan

Activity list

The 2019 kodomo [child] adventure


ITTO participated in the 2019 “kodomo adventure”, which took place in Yokohama, Japan, on 15–16 August 2019. The event provided opportunities for children and their parents to feel closer to trees, forests and wood products. It was organized by the Housing and Architecture Bureau of the City of Yokohama, and approximately 400 participants took part.


Yokohama Sparkling Twilight 2019


Nearly 60 dignitaries from the Government of Japan, the City of Yokohama, foreign missions in Japan, private associations and non-governmental organizations gathered at ITTO headquarters on 13 July 2019 to enjoy the fireworks festival, or hanami. The fireworks were viewed from the fifth-floor office’s responsibly sourced tropical hardwood deck, which was installed in 2018 by the City of Yokohama to mark the City’s longstanding support for ITTO and to promote sustainable forest management in the tropics.


Green Earth Festival for the International Day of Forests


You are never too young to learn about tropical forest! ITTO hosted an origami session during the Green Earth Day Festival on 23 March 2019, as part of the celebrations in Japan for the International Day of Forests. Origami is a fun way to find out more about the goods and services that forests provide