Capacity building


»Human resources & institutions
Assisting stakeholders to increase their human and institutional capital more
»Statistical capacity building
Helping countries improve information on their forest sectors more
»Fellowship programme
Offering fellowships to young professionals in the tropical forest sector more

A fundamental aim of ITTO's action programs is to raise the capacity of government departments, the private sector and non-government and local organisations to manage the forests and the resources derived from them.

Most ITTO projects are implemented by national and local-level organizations, including those in government, civil society and the private sector. At any one time, the project program employs about 500 professionals in the tropics, thereby assisting in the development of local expertise. Several projects are aimed directly at boosting the capacity of local agencies and research and education institutions; in addition, many provide training and organisational assistance to local communities. The Organization also has activities dedicated to training at the local, national and regional levels, including a fellowship program and a comprehensive approach to statistical capacity building.

For a detailed account of ITTO's action agenda, please refer to the current ITTO Action Plan.