Tropical Forest Update

Sustainable tropical forestry: a pathway to a healthy planet

This issue of Tropical Forest Update reports on the 58th session of the International Tropical Timber Council, held in November. It also features an opinion piece on the European Union’s proposed new regulation for imported deforestation, as well as evaluations of ITTO’s work to promote sustainable tropical forestry as a pathway towards a healthier planet.


  • Editorial

  • Donors announce new funds for ITTO work

     by ITTO Secretariat
    The International Tropical Timber Council also discussed the Organization’s policies and project portfolio and made a range of decisions.
  • ITTO projects in Africa are delivering sustainable gains

     by Blaser and Ahimin
    An evaluation of completed projects in West and Central Africa found positive impacts for forests, forest management and livelihoods as well as valuable lessons for future initiatives.
  • Europe’s regulation of imported deforestation: the limits of an undifferentiated approach

     by Karsenty
    Unless amended, draft rules to ban deforestation-tainted commodities could unfairly penalize less-developed countries.
  • Protecting forests and their value from wildfire in Peru

     by Sobral
    An ITTO-funded project has built understanding of the value of forests and the importance of preventing wildfires as well as capacity to respond to outbreaks.
  • Planting materials, gene pools among top concerns at 4th World Teak Conference

     by Thulasidas, Trisurat, Ma and Yanuariadi
    Ghana-hosted gathering discusses key issues for the sustainability of the high-value global teak industry.
  • Market trends

     by Hoang Lien Son and Ngo Sy Hoai
    Data show Viet Nam’s wood and wood products industry becoming less reliant on imports from countries that might struggle to meet growing timber legality assurance requirements.
  • Tropical and topical

     by Sato
    This section of TFU 31-3/4 omitted to mention the main new tropical tree species listed in CITES Appendix II at the 19th conference of the parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES COP19). At COP19, held in November 2022, parties added more than 150 tree species to Appendix II with the aim of ensuring that their trade is not detrimental to their sustainability in the wild. These species included the entire genera of ipe (Handroanthus, Roseodendron and Tabebuia spp.) and cumaru (Dipteryx spp.) from South America as well as three African genera (Afzelia, Khaya and Pterocarpus spp.). Malagasy ebonies (Diospyros spp.) and brazilwood (Paubrasilia echinate), which were mentioned in this issue, were listed in CITES Appendix II at earlier COPs. Discussions of these species at COP19 focused on the implementation of their existing listings. The new African species listings are already entering into force following the standard 90-day period after adoption of the listing proposal; the South American species listings will enter into force at the end of 2024 following COP19’s approval of an appeal from the main range states for more time to prepare for implementing the listings.
  • Recent editions

     by Sato
  • Meetings

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