ITTO's Policy Series

Criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of tropical forests

This publication is an update to ITTO's Criteria for the Measurement of Sustainable Tropical Forest Management which was produced to assist in monitoring and assessing the condition of natural tropical forests in the Organization’s producer member countries and in identifying improvements needed in forest practices.

Published:  2016
Author:  ITTO
ID number:  PS-21
ISBN :  978-4-86507-028-6

Rewarding the service providers

The aim of the policy brief is to increase awareness among policymakers and the general public about the vital role of tropical forests in providing environmental services and the increasing need for beneficiaries to compensate forest owners or managers for those services. It sets out the rationale for, and the constraints faced by, PES schemes, and key recommendations for scaling them up.

Published:  June 2014
Author:  ITTO/FAO

Revised ITTO criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of tropical forests including reporting format

ITTO's criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of natural tropical forest are tools for monitoring, assessment and reporting on forest management in tropical member countries. This 2005 document includes a simplified set of indicators and a shortened format for reporting.

Published:  2005
ID number:  PS-15
ISBN :  4-902045-20-6

ATO/ITTO principles, criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of African natural tropical forests

A joint publication of ITTO and the African Timber Organization (ATO), this document is designed to guide the African member countries of ATO and ITTO in the sustainable management of their natural tropical forests.

Published:  2003
ID number:  PS-14
ISBN :  4-902045-03-6

ITTO mangrove workplan 2002-2006

This document will guide the mangrove-related work of ITTO and its member countries until 2006.

Published:  June 2002
ID number:  PS-12

Criteria and indicators for sustainable management of natural tropical forests

The purpose of ITTO's criteria and indicators is to provide member countries with an improved tool for assessing changes and trends in forest conditions and management systems at the national and forest management unit levels.

Published:  July 1998
ID number:  PS-7

Criteria for the measurement of sustainable tropical forest management (PS3)

Published:  1992
ID number:  PS-3