Policy Series

ITTO Environmental and Social Management Guidelines

The ITTO Environmental and Social Management Guidelines, formalizes the Organization’s commitment by providing a user-friendly and implementable system for integrating safeguards and risk management into the ITTO project-cycle process. The publication builds on and consolidates guidance contained in various existing ITTO guidelines and manuals and draws on best practices in other global bodies in mitigating and preventing harm to people and the environment.

Author:  ITTO
ID number:  PS-23
ISBN :  978-4-86507-058-3

ITTO policy guidelines on gender equality and the empowerment of women

ITTO is committed to gender mainstreaming and enhancing gender equality outcomes across its policy and project work. ITTO’s policy guidelines on gender equality and empowering women (GEEW) institutionalize this commitment. The Policy Guidelines serve as a framework for gender integration and mainstreaming in ITTO policies, plans, programmes, projects, activities and internal functioning and are intended to enhance the impact and effectiveness of the Organization’s operations in all areas and at all levels.

Published:  2018
Author:  Stephanie J. Caswell

Criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of tropical forests

This publication is an update to ITTO's Criteria for the Measurement of Sustainable Tropical Forest Management which was produced to assist in monitoring and assessing the condition of natural tropical forests in the Organization’s producer member countries and in identifying improvements needed in forest practices.

Published:  2016
Author:  ITTO
ID number:  PS-21
ISBN :  978-4-86507-028-6

Voluntary guidelines for the sustainable management of natural tropical forests

This publication is an update of ITTO’s first policy guidance document on the management of natural tropical forests published in 1990. The new voluntary guidelines are supported with increased knowledge and the emergence of a wide range of new challenges and opportunities for tropical forest management. It is designed to serve as guidance for addressing the policy, legal, governance, institutional, ecological, social and economic issues that need to be taken into account in the planning, implementation and evaluation of SFM in natural tropical forests to ensure the sustainable provision of forest goods and environmental services.

Published:  2015
Author:  ITTO
ID number:  PS-20
ISBN :  978-4-86507-015-6

Rewarding the service providers

The aim of the policy brief is to increase awareness among policymakers and the general public about the vital role of tropical forests in providing environmental services and the increasing need for beneficiaries to compensate forest owners or managers for those services. It sets out the rationale for, and the constraints faced by, PES schemes, and key recommendations for scaling them up.

Published:  June 2014
Author:  ITTO/FAO

ITTO/IUCN guidelines for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in tropical timber production forests

This publication, a complete revision and updating of ITTO's original Biodiversity Guidelines published in 1993, sets out the specific actions that policymakers, forest managers and other stakeholders should take to improve biodiversity conservation in tropical production forests.

Published:  2009
Author:  ITTO/IUCN
ID number:  PS-17
ISBN :  4-902045-41-9

Revised ITTO criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of tropical forests including reporting format

ITTO's criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of natural tropical forest are tools for monitoring, assessment and reporting on forest management in tropical member countries. This 2005 document includes a simplified set of indicators and a shortened format for reporting.

Published:  2005
ID number:  PS-15
ISBN :  4-902045-20-6

ATO/ITTO principles, criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of African natural tropical forests

A joint publication of ITTO and the African Timber Organization (ATO), this document is designed to guide the African member countries of ATO and ITTO in the sustainable management of their natural tropical forests.

Published:  2003
ID number:  PS-14
ISBN :  4-902045-03-6

ITTO guidelines for the restoration, management and rehabilitation of degraded and secondary tropical forests

This publication, developed by a team of experts from ITTO and organizations such as CIFOR, FAO, IUCN, WWF International and national agencies, is part of a substantial effort by ITTO and its partners to deal with degraded forest and forest land.

Published:  November 2002
ID number:  PS-13
ISBN :  4-902045-01-X

ITTO mangrove workplan 2002-2006

This document will guide the mangrove-related work of ITTO and its member countries until 2006.

Published:  June 2002
ID number:  PS-12

Criteria and indicators for sustainable management of natural tropical forests

The purpose of ITTO's criteria and indicators is to provide member countries with an improved tool for assessing changes and trends in forest conditions and management systems at the national and forest management unit levels.

Published:  July 1998
ID number:  PS-7

ITTO guidelines on fire management in tropical forests

These guidelines provide a basis on which policy-makers and managers at various levels can develop programs and projects to address specific national, socioeconomic and natural problems related to fire in natural and planted tropical forests.

Published:  April 1997
ID number:  PS-6

Criteria for the measurement of sustainable tropical forest management (PS3)

Published:  1992
ID number:  PS-3