ITTO Commits US$2.4 million in Project Funding to Improve Tropical Forest Law Enforcement, Trade and Marketing in Tropical Timber under its TFLET and TMT Thematic Programmes

6 March 2014

Traceability and chain of custody of tropical timber are important elements for verification of legality. Photo: Bosque, Sociedad y Desarrollo (BDS).

Eight (8) new projects to be implemented in Indonesia, Panama, Mali, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala and Guyana have been approved for immediate implementation under the ITTO Thematic Programmes on ‘Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (TFLET)’, and ‘Trade and Market Transparency (TMT)’,  with a total value of US$2,384,518.00 in ITTO funding.
The projects approved under TFLET Programme aim at strengthening the capacity of tropical timber countries to improve forest law enforcement and governance, including addressing the problem of illegal logging and related trade in tropical timber and tropical timber products. While the TMT project, will promote better management of red cedar (Cedrela odorata) in Guyana.
The new projects are:
6th TFLET Cycle:

Strengthening the capacity of local institutions to sustainably manage community forestry in Sanggau for improving livelihood (Indonesia)

      Project ID: TFL-PD 032/13 Rev.2 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$456,680.00 [PDF]

Strengthening of ANAM’s management capacity to reduce illegal logging and trade in the eastern region of Panama (Bayano and Darien) through monitoring and control mechanisms

      Project ID: TFL-PD 044/13 Rev.2 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$412,556.00 [PDF]

Implementing a DNA timber tracking system in Indonesia (Australia/Indonesia)

      Project ID: TFL-PD 037/13 Rev.2 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$518,833.00 [PDF]

Strengthening the governance of community forest through improved capacity to adequately perform timber administration in Java and Nusa Tenggara region in Indonesia

      Project ID: TFL-PD 033/13 Rev.2 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$495,880.00 [PDF]

Capacity-building programme to foster law enforcement and local governance over timber use and marketing activities in the Segou region, Mali;

      Project ID: TFL-SPD 038/13 Rev.3 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$149,707.00 [PDF]

Chain of custody verification for timber processors in Papua New Guinea

      Project ID: TFL-SPD 043/13 Rev.1 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$147,280.00 [PDF]

Improving forest product monitoring and efficiency through the development of a program to enhance the performance of the primary forest processing industry (Guatemala)

      Project ID: TFL-PPD 045/13 Rev.2 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$66,942.00 [PDF]
4th TMT Cycle:

Enhancing the sustainable management and commercial utilization of the CITES-listed species Cedrela odorata (red cedar) in Guyana
      Project ID: TMT-SPD 014/13 Rev.1 (M)
      ITTO funding: US$136,640.00 [PDF]
Funding to the ITTO TFLET Thematic Programme has been made available through the generous contributions from the governments of Australia, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA and a private sector organization, Japan Lumber Importers Association (JILA). The European Union (through ITTO-CITES programme), Finland, Japan, Switzerland and USA have generously contributed to the  TMT Thematic Programme.
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