Thematic Programmes

Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (TFLET)
The general objective of the Thematic Programme is to improve national forest law enforcement and governance in tropical ITTO member countries in order to enhance and diversify international trade in tropical timber from sustainably managed forests and to help alleviate poverty in those countries.

TFLET Project Reports:
PP-A/43-202: Global assessment of the status of tropical forest tenure with identification of trends and implications for investment and management, and for convening and expert workshop on Tropical Forest Tenure and Business Models, including formulation of a project to assist Civil Society Organization(s) to set up and operate on a pilot basis a remote sensing system to detect illegal logging activities in areas known to be critically affected by such activities
TFL-SPD 030/12 Rev.1 (M): Improved governance and implementation of transparent negotiation mechanisms for indigenous community foresty in Atalaya (Ucayali), Peru

Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services in Tropical Forests (REDDES)
The general objective of the Thematic Programme is to help improve livelihoods by reducing deforestation and forest degradation and enhancing environmental services through the sustainable management of tropical forests, forest restoration, afforestation, reforestation and other related activities.

REDDES Project Reports:
RED-A 004/09/ Rev.1(F): ‘Building a Voluntary Carbon Marketing Scheme to Promote Sustainable Forest Management’
RED-PD 005/09 Rev.2(F) ‘Strengthening Guyana’s capacity to manage forest resources and environmental services through resources assessment and monitoring changes in deforestation and degradation’.
RED-PD 007/09 Rev.2(F) ‘Enhancing Forest Carbon Stock to Reduce Emission from Degradation through Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Initiatives in Indonesia’
RED-PD 18/09 Rev.1(F) "Sustainable forest management and utilization of ecosystem services in forests managed by the Ese'Eja native community in Infierno, Peru"

Community Forest Management and Enterprises (CFME)
The general objective of the Thematic Programme is to contribute to poverty reduction in tropical forest areas by: (i) strengthening the ability of forest communities and smallholders to sustainably manage their tropical forest resources; and (ii) assisting CFEs to add value to and market the products and services obtained from these resources.

Trade and Market Transparency (TMT)
The general objectives of this Thematic Programme are to: (i) increase the capacity of producer member countries to develop and employ market intelligence and marketing skills; and (ii) improve market transparency through improved data and analysis.

TMT Project Reports:
TMT-SPD 002/010 Rev.1(M) ‘Improving resilience of the tropical timber sector to the impacts of global and regional economic and financial crises’
TMT-PA 007/11 Rev.1(I) ‘Methodological Development for Life Cycle Analysis of Tropical Wood Products to Improve their Competitiveness in International Markets

Industry Development and Efficiency (IDE)
The general objective of this Thematic Programme is to strengthen the capacity of tropical timber-producing countries to: (i) increase the production, further processing and trade of tropical timber and other forest products and services from sustainably managed and legally harvested forests; and (ii) improve efficiency in the processing and utilization of tropical timber and timber products and non-timber forest products (NTFPs).
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