New video shows how sustainable forestry works

24 July 2023

Yokohama, Japan, 24 July 2023: A one-minute animation produced as part of an ITTO project in Brazil provides a simple explanation of forest management and how it is helping make timber production more sustainable in the Amazon. “Everyone wins from the sustainable use of forests,” says the video.

The video also introduces ITTO project PD 452/07 Rev. 5 (F) “Sustainable management of production forests at the commercial scale in the Brazilian Amazon, phase II”, which is being implemented by Embrapa (the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation). The project has developed tools to assist communities and enterprises in preparing and implementing sustainable forest management plans, which must be approved by authorities before logging can commence.

Click here to watch the video (in Portuguese with English subtitles).


Related SDGs

The project is assisting in the implementation of sustainable timber production practices, thereby minimizing negative environmental and social impacts and maximizing positive impacts for their socioeconomic wellbeing.

The implementation of sustainable forest management plans is reducing carbon emissions from forest harvesting while ensuring long-term carbon storage in wood products, thus contributing to climate action.

The project is demonstrating how tools appropriate for use at the forest management unit level can contribute to the sustainable management of natural tropical forests.

Partnerships between international, national and local organizations, such as ITTO, Embrapa and forest communities and enterprises in Brazil (and elsewhere in the tropcis), are essential for finding shared solutions to challenges in tropical forests.