IFSA's Open Letter on Gender and Forest Education

10 August 2022

The International Forestry Students' Association, the biggest international network of students of forestry and related fields, requested the Executive Director of the ITTO to share and publicise the IFSA Open Letter on Gender and Forest Education which are addressed to forestry universities and departments as well as policymakers and organizations.

They aim to use their collective voice as the youth and the next generation of forestry professionals to call for a swift transformation towards more gender-aware and inclusive practices in forest education. ITTO is aware that its members and international partners already support this crucial aim – please feel free to share this IFSA Open Letter widely.

Download the full open letter here https://ifsa.net/gender-open-letter/

Watch IFSA members from all over the world lending their voice to this important issue at this link: https://youtu.be/n6Q0CIO9K2Y