Technical reports

The reports presented here are the outcomes of studies commissioned by ITTO to facilitate informed decision-making. The contents of these reports do not necessarily reflect the views of ITTO or its members. 

UNU-IAS/ITTO Policy Report on Strengthening Development in International-Local Institutional Linkages in REDD+: Lessons from Existing Forest-Carbon Initiatives


This study seeks to understand how best to connect local and international institutions based on lessons learnt from existing initiatives in the forest sector that aim to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions (often referred to as ‘forest-carbon’ initiatives) in order to inform the current debates and actions on REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries).

Published :  December 2014
Author :  Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira, Yasmeen Telwala, Hwan-Ok Ma, Richard Rastall
ID number :  UNU-IAS/2014/No. 13
ISBN :  978-92-808-4552-5

PP-A-47-262 Final Report on Strengthening the Capacity to Promote Efficient Wood Processing Technologies in Tropical Timber Producing Countries

Report on Strengthening the Capacity to Promote Efficient Wood Processing Technologies in Tropical Timber Producing Countries.

Report on Environmental Product Declaration on meranti plywood in Indonesia and Malaysia


This report on the environmental product declaration (EPD) study on meranti plywood in Indonesia and Malaysia is an outcome of an activity under the ITTO Biennial Work Programme for the years 2013-2014 which was carried out in response to the latest international timber markets’ requirements on environmentally responsible construction materials.

Indicating progress: uses and impacts of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management


This publication reports the results of an ITTO commissioned study intended to provide information on the experiences of countries worldwide in using C&I, identify trends and developments, and look at ways to increase the impact of ITTO’s C&I in the field. It examines the early evolution of C&I for SFM, developments in the five C&I processes and in international forest policy since 2000, the responses of governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to surveys on C&I, and trends and emerging issues related to C&I. It draws firm conclusions and proposes a number of recommendations for ITTO and others to consider.

Published :  April 2014
Author :  Stephanie J. Caswell, Ivan Tomaselli and Sofia R. Hirakuri
ID number :  TS-42
ISBN :  978-4-86507-010-1

Towards a development strategy for the wood processing industry in the Congo Basin


This document brings together a series of reflections and suggestions for the development and implementation of strategies to develop the forest industry in the Congo Basin. These were formulated over the course of four workshops organized between September 2010 and June 2011 in Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon.

Published :  September 2013
Author :  FAO, ITTO and ATIBT

Riding out the storm


This report was developed through ITTO’s Thematic Programme on Trade and Market Transparency based on concerns expressed by ITTO producer member countries that the global and economic crisis had exposed the vulnerability and lack of preparedness of the tropical timber sector to manage future global and regional economic crises.

Published :  March 2013
Author :  Frances Maplesden (lead author), Alhassan Attah, Ivan Tomaselli, and Nelson Wong
ID number :  TS-41
ISBN :  4-902045-98-2

Governing the forests: an institutional analysis of REDD+ and community forest management in Asia


This joint report of UNU-IAS and ITTO will serve as a useful reference for policymakers, professionals and practitioners as they work to promote REDD+ in ways that tackle climate change and biodiversity loss but also respect concerns and listen to the voice of local stakeholders. The report has been prepared by ITTO in cooperation with United Nations University – Institute of Advance Studies (UNU-IAS), and features a case study of ITTO funded project PD 519/08 Rev.1 (F) “REDD in Meru Betiri National Park, Indonesia”.

Published :  February 2013
Author :  UNU-IAS and ITTO

Working together to get forest measurement right: a solution for REDD+

REDD+ is an incentive mechanism being developed under the UNFCCC for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and contributing to conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. The Montréal Process, ITTO, FOREST EUROPE and UN FAO recognize the value of working with other countries, organizations and processes involved in REDD+invite other entities interested in forest-related data, evaluation or expertise to work with them to explore how existing C&I can be used to meet content and process requirements for developing country-specific REDD+ safeguards and understanding how those safeguards are being addressed and respected. This short handout was developed by the four partners for dissemination at UNFCCC COP 18 and in other relevant fora.

Published :  November 2012
Author :  The Montréal Process, ITTO, FOREST EUROPE and UN FAO

Tracking sustainability: review of electronic and semi-electronic timber tracking technologies


Timber tracking and timber products tracking technologies are relatively new and are gaining increasing importance through changing consumer and policy demands. This report is a useful guide to these rapidly evolving technologies.

Published :  October 2012
Author :  Felix Seidel with Emily Fripp, Annie Adams and Ian Denty
ID number :  TS-40
ISBN :  4-902045-95-8

Wood product accounting and climate change mitigation projects involving tropical timber


An output from a pre-project under the ITTO Thematic Programme on Trade and Market Transparency.

TMT-PA 007/11 Rev.1 (I)

Work plan for accounting methodology development for wood products in climate change mitigation projects involving tropical timber


An output from a pre-project under the ITTO Thematic Programme on Trade and Market Transparency.

TMT-PA 007/11 Rev.1 (I)

Report of in-house training on wood processing techniques carried out under Biennial Work Programme 2010-2011

Proceedings of the joint workshop to streamline global forest reporting and strengthen collaboration among international criteria and indicator processes

Statement from the joint workshop to streamline global forest reporting and strengthen collaboration among international criteria and indicator processes

Raising the standards


This report is based on a study to monitor and assess major developments in technical and environmental standards, especially in selected major international markets. The study was designed to facilitate information exchange on technical and environmental standards relating to tropical timber products.

Published :  September 2011
Author :  Jukka Tissari
ID number :  TS-39
ISBN :  4-902045-88-5

Transboundary conservation and peace-building: Lessons from forest biodiversity conservation projects


This report, jointly produced by ITTO and UNU-IAS, analyzes and presents lessons from the implementation of ITTO transboundary conservation projects in the following eco-regions: Borneo rainforest (Indonesia and Malaysia); Central African rainforest (Gabon, Cameroon and Republic of Congo); Southeast Asian forest (Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand) and the Andean rainforest (Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia).

Published :  April 2011
Author :  Saleem H. Ali, Ph.D.
ISBN :  978-92-808-4525-9 (pb)

Status of tropical forest management 2011


This report details the progress towards sustainable forest management (SFM) in ITTO producer member countries during a period that has seen important global developments of relevance to tropical forests and their management.

Published :  June 2011
Author :  Juergen Blaser, Alastair Sarre, Duncan Poore and Steven Johnson
ID number :  TS-38
ISBN :  4-902045-78-8

Tropical forest tenure assessment


This report was initially prepared as the background document for the Yaoundé Conference in 2009. It generated significant interest in the local, regional and international media; as well as in technical, academic and political arenas related to forests and sustainable development in the tropics, due to the relevance of the information provided in support of innovative policy making to address livelihoods and forest conservation.

Published :  April 2011
Author :  Jeffrey Hatcher and Luke Bailey with assistance from Lopaka Purdy and Marina France
ID number :  TS-37
ISBN :  4-902045-77-X

National forest landscape restoration guidelines developed under 2008-09 Biennial Work Program activity PPA43/225 which promoted the implementation of guidelines for the management of secondary tropical forests, the restoration of degraded tropical forests and rehabilitation of degraded forest land

Leveling the playing field


This study has combined an analysis of global trends impacting on the relative competitiveness of tropical wood products with more detailed analysis of several major tropical wood supply chains drawing on a combination of primary and secondary sources. A major aim of the study was to provide much of the information necessary for tropical wood producers to build more effective market development strategies.

Published :  November 2010
Author :  Rupert Oliver and Ben Donkor
ID number :  TS-36
ISBN :  4-902045-69-9