Collaboration key to achieving deforestation-free supply chains, say experts


Some of the world’s leading forest experts say that collaboration between forest producers and the consumers of tropical timber is crucial for developing “deforestation-free” supply chains as a means to reduce deforestation and boost economic development. Speaking in a video produced by ITTO, Executive Director Gerhard Dieterle and representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Center for International Forestry Research, Global Canopy, and Forest Trends reflect on the challenges involved in ensuring that the supply of timber encourages sustainable forest management and helps in halting tropical deforestation. Achieving such deforestation-free supply chains will take, they say, political will, highly motivated individuals, good governance, and collaboration between sectors as well as among forest managers, logging, transport, processing and retail companies, civil-society organizations, and governments. They spoke during the International Symposium on the Promotion of Deforestation-Free Global Supply Chains to Contribute to Halting Deforestation, which was convened in Tokyo, Japan, by Japan’s Forest Agency, ITTO and FAO in January 2018.