Asia regional meeting on CITES Tree Species Programme calls for more training on non-detriment findings


Participants in the CTSP Regional Meeting for Asia inspect a processing facility for plantation-grown Dalbergia timber near Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Photo: K. Ishii/ITTO

Participants at a meeting on the CITES Tree Species Programme (CTSP) held in Indonesia on 25–29 June 2018 called for more training on the preparation of non-detriment findings for CITES-listed tree species as a way of improving the regulation of trade in CITES-listed tree products.

The aim of the CTSP, which was announced in June 2017, is to support countries that export valuable parts and derivatives of CITES-listed tree species. The CTSP is continuing the work carried out for more than a decade by the ITTO–CITES Programme, which came to an end in 2016. More than 900 tree species, many of which are highly valuable, are listed under the CITES Appendices.