Tropical Forest Update

Getting it done locally

Evidence is growing that local communities can be excellent managers of forests—to the extent that policies on land tenure, markets and other factors allow. In this edition of the TFU, two articles describe the outcomes of four ITTO projects where the focus was on building the capacity of communities to restore their lands and sustainably manage their forests and on creating the enabling conditions for them to do so.


  • • Participatory approaches work

    • Boosting community forestry in Latin America

    • Revising the restoration guidelines

    • Species under threat in Guatemala

    • The illegal logging of bubinga

    • Fellowship report

    • Market trends

    • Topical and tropical

    • Recent editions

    • Meetings
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The ITTO Tropical Forest Update is published quarterly in English, French and Spanish.
The French and Spanish editions are usually posted about one month after the English.

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