Tropical Forest Update

Moving beyond conflict on procurement

Public timber procurement policies have been a hot topic of debate among governments, tropical timber traders and environmental groups for a very long time. Environmental groups argue that tropical timber-importing countries can lead the way to sustainable forest management by buying only certified or at least legally verified tropical timber; timber-exporting countries say that such procurement policies give non-tropical timber an unfair market advantage; and traders worry about the cost of conforming to new standards. Public timber procurement policies, therefore, are a divisive issue in international forest policy. 


  • • The impact of timber procurement policies
    • Verifying timber in Africa
    • Ecuador’s new public forest information system
    • Guatemala’s timber traceability system
    • Procuring legal and sustainable tropical timber in China
    • Goho-wood: Japan’s system for combating illegal logging
    Timber procurement policies must evolve
    • Fellowship report
    Market trends
    • Topical and tropical

    Recent editions
    • Meetings.
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