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Fellows for SFM

The lack of human capacity has been identified as a key constraining factor to sustainable forest management (SFM) in most of the diagnoses and analyses to assess progress towards SFM carried out in ITTO member countries over the past quarter century. One of ITTO’s most effective contributions to addressing this constraint has been its Fellowship Program, among the Organization’s earliest and most successful initiatives and probably the world’s only such support program focused specifically on tropical forests and their management.
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  • This issue of the TFU is shorter than usual due to funding constraints and is not being circulated to our 15,000 subscribers (it will only be available online, with a limited number of copies printed for the 47th ITTC session). Funding constraints have also affected the publication schedule/frequency of the TFU in 2011. It is hoped that the regular length and publication schedule of the TFU can be resumed in 2012 through the provision of sufficient voluntary contributions or through the inclusion of this work in ITTO’s core activities budget under the terms of the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 2006 when it enters into force.
  • Following the fellows

    By Chisato Aoki An assessment of the ITTO Fellowship Program shows it has had far-reaching impacts
  • Cambodia’s cut

    By Dana Kao, Nobuya Mizoue and Shigejiro Yoshida
    An ITTO fellowship helped estimate a sustainable yield from logged-over forests in Cambodia
  • Mucking in

    By Jean Hude Moudingo Ekindi
    Community participation in mangrove ecosystem restoration can be improved in Cameroon’s Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve
  • Pushing the PCI

    By Philomène Nkoulou
    Action is needed to speed up the implementation of SFM principles, criteria and indicators in Gabonese forests
  • Out on a limb

    By Stephanie J Caswell
    ITTO’s Fellowship Program – can we make it even better?
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