Sustainable Development Goals

Main SDG introduction

World leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a historic UN conference in September 2015. The SDGs call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet, thereby recognizing that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies to build economic growth, address social needs, tackle climate change and ensure environmental sustainability.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the sustainable management of productive forests in the tropics, and a sustainable tropical timber trade, can help in meeting future wood demand and achieving the SDGs. ITTO is empowered to promote the expansion of international tropical timber trade from legal and sustainable sources. It is perfectly placed, therefore, to assist countries in their efforts towards all the SDGs, especially SDG 1 (“No poverty”), SDG 12 (“Responsible consumption and production”), SDG 13 (“Climate action”) and SDG 15 (“Life on land”). Some of the ways it is doing this are outlined below.

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Wetlands such as mangroves and peat swamp forests are among the Earth’s most productive ecosystems. They produce many goods and ecosystem services and support the livelihoods of millions of coastal people and ecosystems; they also store globally significant quantities of carbon and reduce the vulnerability of coastal regions to storm surges and other threats.

ITTO projects:

  • Help communities to restore and sustainably manage mangroves and other coastal wetland systems.
  • Encourage the sustainable management of peat swamp forests.
  • Help restore degraded watersheds, thereby benefiting downstream ecosystems in rivers, lakes and wetlands.

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World Wetlands Day calls for restoration effort—ITTO committed to ongoing contribution

No poverty Climate action Life below water Life on land Partnerships for the goals
Wetlands, often called the “kidneys of the Earth”, are crucial in the fight against climate change, yet they are being degraded and lost at alarming rates. On World Wetlands Day, we highlight ITTO’s work to restore and upscale the sustainable use of tropical wetlands such as mangroves, swamps and marshes. More

New guidelines and videos launched on restoring mangroves in Fiji

No poverty Gender equality Climate action Life below water Life on land Partnerships for the goals
A guideline and three videos on mangrove rehabilitation and restoration in Fiji released today are the culmination of an ITTO project that has supported local communities and government in restoring mangroves and wetlands in the Rewa Delta, Fiji’s most important marine ecosystem. More

Peru’s northern mangrove corridor

No poverty Zero hunger Clean water and sanitation Life below water
Peru’s Northwest–Amotapes–Manglares Biosphere Reserve provides important resources and ecosystem services for around 130 000 inhabitants living in coastal areas of Piura Province. It is under threat, however, from unsustainable practices and a lack of sufficient resources to support its conservation. More