Trade Advisory Group

Containers of timber and timber products in Guatemala ready for shipment to international markets. ITTO works to improve market transparency, market access and trade statistics. Photo: INAB

The Trade Advisory Group (TAG) was established in 2000 at the Twenty-eighth Session of the International Tropical Timber Council. It comprises representatives of timber trade associations, traders, manufacturers, importers and exporters; it provides inputs to the Council’s policy development work and other activities relevant to the global timber trade. Among other things, TAG coordinates and hosts the ITTO Annual Market Discussion, which is a global forum held in conjunction with sessions of the Council to explore issues vital to a sustainable tropical timber trade.

TAG and the Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG) work together to operationalize collaboration in the field between non-governmental organizations, forest concessionaires, timber traders and other stakeholders. They also provide advice to ITTO and the International Tropical Timber Council on collaborative approaches to achieving ITTO’s objectives, as outlined in the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 2006. The memberships of TAG and CSAG are open-ended and change over time.