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News release

New Fellowship Network

20 June 2014


ITTO has launched its Fellowship Network website, based on social media platform at http://www.ittofellownet.org/.
In addition, the Fellowship Network will:
  • Promote knowledge and information sharing among ITTO Fellows and Fellow Alumni, concerning sustainable management and utilization of tropical forests and forest resources and other related issues;
  • Disseminate research papers, technical documents, books, etc. produced by the ITTO Fellows and Fellow Alumni allowing fellows to do their own uploads;
  • Provide a forum for collaborative work among ITTO Fellows and Fellow Alumni;
  • Provide a platform for pursuing common interests, such as career development opportunities and networking;
  • Provide up to date information on alumni activities and events worldwide.
The Fellowship Network is open to everyone with just a simple registration, connecting people with the current and former ITTO Fellows at http://www.ittofellownet.org/. In case of further questions about the Fellowship Network, please contact us at fellownet@itto.int
For further information about the ITTO Fellowship Programme, please visit http://www.itto.int/feature20/