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New manual for managing African mahogany plantations

CSIR -Forestry Research Institute of Ghana recently published "Managing mahogany plantations in the tropics" with the aim of helping farmers and other smallholders establish and manage plantations of African mahogany (Khaya) species. The manual is as an output of the ITTO project PD 528/08 Rev.1 (F).

Workshop strengthens CITES implementation on trees

Field staff conduct an inventory of Dalbergia in Guatemala as part of the ITTO–CITES Programme. Photo: R. Martínez/FNPV

Field staff conduct an inventory of Dalbergia in Guatemala as part of the ITTO–CITES Programme. Photo: R. Martínez/FNPV

The International Workshop on Tree Species in CITES, convened on 7–9 February 2017 by ITTO, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the Guatemalan Nature Foundation for Life (FNPV), has made recommendations to strengthen the implementation of CITES regulations for listed tree species to ensure that trade is legal, sustainable and traceable.

New TFU: highlights of ITTC-52, C&I and what lies ahead for ITTO

Meeting in November 2016 at its 52nd session, the International Tropical Timber Council appointed Dr Gerhard Dieterle as ITTO’s new Executive Director for the next four years. A citizen of Germany and the first ITTO Executive Director from a consumer country, Dr Dieterle is highly qualified for the post, with 35 years of experience in national and international forest policymaking.

New manual promotes trees on farms

A recently published manual on good rural practices (Manual de buenas practicas rurales) will assist farmers to increase the productivity of their fields and grazing lands by using trees to produce woodfuel, fruits and fodder, stabilize soils, store carbon, assist water infiltration, and generate other benefits. The manual, in Spanish, is a product of ITTO project RED-PD 045/11 Rev.2 (M), which aimed at a quantitative assessment of the goods and services provided by the various types of tropical forests and coastal forests (mangrove forests, tropical flood forests, rain forests and scrub forests on dunes), on the coastal plains of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico. These practices aim to contribute to sustainable forest management and to the valuation of coastal forests with similar conditions throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Pacific Region.

Managing tropical forest biodiversity across international borders

An ecoregional approach within an international framework can effectively conserve forests and forest biodiversity in transboundary areas, according to conservation projects showcased at the 13th Conference of the Parties (COP13) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), underway in Cancun, Mexico.

Coastal forest services more valuable than cattle, concludes ITTO study

A report published recently by ITTO project RED-PD 045/11 Rev.2 (M) concludes that, if all the ecosystem services provided by flooded forests and wetlands in Veracruz, Mexico, are taken into account, these ecosystems are vastly more valuable than the grazing land that often replaces them.