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New global teak study released

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) recently published an ITTO-commissioned global study on teak, one of the world’s most valuable tropical hardwoods.

Teak timber is highly sought-after in global markets for its beauty, strength, stability and durability in a wide range of applications, from furniture, to interior joinery, to cultural uses. Recognizing the importance of teak, ITTO commissioned experts from IUFRO, FAO and TEAKNET to conduct a global study of best practices in the conservation of teak genetic resources and the sustainable management of teak forests in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

All is not lost

The rural landscape in the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas mountain range in Veracruz, Mexico, which was once almost fully forested. Photo: G. Sanchez Vigil

The rural landscape in the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas mountain range in Veracruz, Mexico, which was once almost fully forested. Photo: G. Sanchez Vigil

Despite the best efforts of many, tropical forests continue to be cleared (although there are signs that the rate of loss is decreasing). Inevitably, this means lost biodiversity, the emission of previously stored greenhouse gases, and the diminution of many ecosystem services. Nevertheless, there is cause for hope. In this edition of the TFU, ITTO’s new Executive Director, Dr Gerhard Dieterle, speaks about the potential of forests to address global challenges, and ITTO’s role in this.

Videos of mangrove presentations now available

ITTO has released videos of three keynote presentations delivered at the International Conference on Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems held in Bali, Indonesia, on 18–21 April 2017.

Time-series data on tropical timber released

ITTO has released time-series data for 83 countries, including all ITTO producer and consumer member countries, on the production and trade of 16 primary timber products, such as logs, sawnwood, veneer and plywood. The data, for the period 1990–2016, are available in ITTO’s online statistical database.

Analyzing zero-deforestation initiatives

Two contributions from ITTO feature in the latest edition of ETFRN News, the newsletter of the European Tropical Forest Research Network, on the general theme of zero deforestation. In one article, Tim Cadman, ITTO projects manager Hwan OK Ma and others report on the comparative evaluation of zero deforestation and governance. In a second article, ITTO Executive Director Dr Gerhard Dieterle discusses wood-based incentive mechanisms for green growth.

Indonesia’s plan for 1000 bamboo villages

Indonesia’s plan to “green” its economy is getting a boost by the creation of 1000 bamboo villages through ITTO project PD 600/11 Rev.1 (I), which is building capacity for the sustainable use of bamboo and the restoration of degraded lands suitable for bamboo production. The output of the 1000 villages will produce sustainable raw materials for the thriving bamboo industry, supplying the garment, pulp and paper, and flooring markets while also improving the livelihoods of local communities. Watch this new video to learn more.