Tropical Forest Update

Building bridges for SFM

Transboundary conservation areas (TBCAs) can be defined as geographical areas that are ecologically connected across one or more international boundaries, the management of which involves some form of cooperation. ITTO has been a strong advocate and supporter of TBCAs for many years: through projects, for example, it has supported the creation and cooperative management of about 10 million hectares of forests straddling two or more national borders. In this edition we examine ITTO projects that have helped “build bridges” between Malaysia and Indonesia and between Guatemala and Mexico to better manage TBCAs, and other ways in which ITTO is helping connect the many aspects of sustainable forest management (SFM). This edition also reports on the most recent session of the International Tropical Timber Council, which was held in Yokohama, Japan, last November.


  • From the Executive Director

     by Dieterle
    Address to the International Tropical Timber Council.
  • Sarawak’s long journey

     by Chai
    Long-running ITTO projects have worked with communities to conserve biodiversity, improve livelihoods and develop new protected-area management practices.
  • In the shadow of a volcano

     by Pérez
    An ITTO project has initiated a multifaceted sustainable development approach in the Tacaná Volcano area of influence on the border between Mexico and Guatemala.
  • ITTO on cusp of exciting period, says Council chair

     by the ITTO Secretariat
    The most recent session of the International Tropical Timber Council heard that efforts to encourage sustainable supply chains, increase the role of women and cooperate on promoting sustainable tropical timber will help build momentum for the Organization.
  • Fellowship report

     by Legba
    An ITTO Fellow investigates the role and restoration of sacred forests in major urban centres in Benin.
  • Market trends

     by Oliver
    The certified-forest business model in Africa is under stress due to structural change and a lack of remuneration.
  • Tropical and topical

     by Sato
  • Recent editions

     by Sato
  • Meetings

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