Tropical Forest Update

Biodiversity is life

The world’s ecosystems provide environmental services we simply cannot live without. As an integral part of nature, our fate is tightly linked with biological diversity, i.e. the huge variety of animals, plants and microorganisms that live in mountains, forests, oceans, wetlands and other ecosystems. We rely on this diversity of life to provide us with essentials such as water, food, fuel and medicine. Yet each day an estimated 150 species disappear, many due to human activities.

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  • Forests to the fore

    By Johannes Stahl
    and Tim Christophersen
    The convention on Biological Diversity and its forest agenda
  • Worth more standing?

    By Pavan Sukhdev The economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services in tropical forests
  • Sustaining the potential

    By Jeff Sayer and Agni Boedhihartono Applying the ITTO IUCN Guidelines for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Tropical Production Forests
  • Greening REDD+

    By Celia A. Harvey Tools and measures for ensuring REDD+ provides biodiversity benefits
  • Ending empty forests

    By Robert Nasi, Tim Christophersen and Caroline Belair
    Management and sustainable use of wildlife in tropical production forests
  • Unwelcome guests

    By William J. Jackson and Geoffrey W. Howard
    The threat of invasive species to tropical forests
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