Tropical Forest Update

Assessing achievements

Evaluating progress towards an organization’s goals or objectives is not easy. It requires a clear baseline to start such an analysis from, a good understanding of how outputs contribute to objectives and a willingness to examine faults and weaknesses as rigorously as positive achievements.


  • Fulfilling the mission

    by Marc J. Dourojeanni
    A review of 20 ITTO diagnostic missions finds flaws in the program and recommends improvements
  • Incentives are the key

    by Jorge Malleux ITTO projects use innovative strategies to secure the support of communities for forest restoration
  • Rattan is no basket case

    Florence P. Soriano
    An ITTO-funded project to promote rattan has created opportunities for forest-based communities
  • Long-term logging

    Erika del Rocío López Rojas
    Guyana’s ITTO-supported forestry training centre is a key element in the shift towards SFM
  • Fellowship Report

    By Vag-Lan Borges ITTO Fellowship supports study on new economics of Babassu palm in Brazil
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