Tropical Forest Update

Getting a lock on governance

During the past decade, the issue of forest governance has grown increasingly prominent in international and national forestry deliberations. This is a welcome development from the situation that prevailed not so many years ago, when countries and international organizations treaded warily around the edges of the topic and were allergic to related issues such as corruption and illegal forest-based activities.


  • Keeping it legal

    Photo: P. Bholanath/GFC

    An ITTO project improves the detection and prevention of illegal logging in Guyana

    By Pradeepa Bholanath

  • Can REDD make natural forests competitive with oil palm?

    Photo: R. Butler/

    Not at current carbon prices, study finds

    By Lian Pin Koh and Rhett A. Butler

  • Perceptions rule

    Photo: Touhig/Greenpeace

    Opinions on tropical timber in the UK impact demand

    By Mike Adams and Alhassan Attah

  • Fellowship Report

    Photo: E. Nurtjahya

    An ITTO fellowship grant helps show potential of mixed local tree species for revegetating tin mine tailings in Indonesia

    By Eddy Nurtjahya

  • Market Trends

    Downturn continues to bite, intra-regional trade helping some exporters

    By Lauren Flejzor

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