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Project/activity ID PD732/14 Rev.2 (M)
ITTO: $321.138,00
National Counterpart: $85.100,00
Project Total budget: $406.238,00
This project proposal aims to implement a monitoring and control system to prevent illegal logging in Mozambique. Estimations of illegal logging figures around 50% are a strong warning sign indicating that the current paper-based control and information system is not working properly. Impacts of illegal logging affect the forest sector progress and discourage initiatives for forest management. Non-payment of harvesting fees creates an unfair business environment and leads to unsustainable resources extraction. The increasing scale of illegal harvesting makes it useless to invest in improved logging practices and resource management costs by forest operators. The future of Mozambican forest resources is endangered and the situation has to be reversed. This project will be implemented in phases (of which this project is the pilot phase) and by regions and is based on stakeholder’s involvement and the introduction of tools and equipment to improve monitoring capabilities.

Expected main results are:

1. Current timber flow and monitoring mechanism improved by introducing better timber tracking methods.
2. Equip checkpoints installed in ports and major roads.
3. Stakeholders involved in forest governance through their participation in the revision of:
a) Forest harvesting permit quotas;
b) Harvesting procedures;
c) Information flow and access.
4. Illegal logging law enforcement enabling environment improved.
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