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Project/activity ID PD602/11 Rev.3 (F)
ITTO: $350.402,00
National Counterpart: $265.761,00
Project Total budget: $616.163,00
This project proposal is aimed at following up one of the outputs of ITTO-financed project PD 405/06 Rev.3 (F): “Extending the area under sustainable forest management in the forest lands of the Emberá-Wounaan Comarca, Darien, Panama”, which characterized and described institutional, administrative and socioeconomic factors promoting illegal logging in the region of Darien and, as a result, produced a framework document on guidelines and strategies requiring immediate institutional action to counteract incremental forest degradation, which leads to illegal logging related practices and other unsustainable activities.
Thus, the main aim of this project proposal is to support the implementation of the Strategy for Illegal Logging Prevention and Control, as the problem of illegal logging has become out of control. Its negative effects not only hinder any forest land management initiatives through unfair price competition and non-payment of stumpage fees but, most importantly, lead to a drastic reduction of the forest cover and continued loss of biodiversity in the country, including in the Darien National Park and other protected areas. Expected project outcomes at the macro level are: (i) Establishment of an institutional and governance framework for illegal logging prevention and control based on a cross-sectoral agreement and the adjustment of harvesting permits to the size of forest management units (FMU), the allocation of technical and legal responsibilities to forest professionals (forest regency system) and the revision of harvesting standards by local governments (Comarcas and Municipalities); (ii) Incorporation of an efficient timber flow monitoring and control mechanism, including: a) origin and legality; b) rotational forest permit verification systems; c) checking of timber volumes both at processing centers and transport points; d) development of software for production and transport control; and e) establishment of a traceability and chain of custody system; (iii) Development of a proposal on financial mechanisms to promote responsible forest management and trade in the natural forests of Panama by: a) exploring various incentive mechanisms; and b) promoting responsible purchasing policies as an incentive for stakeholders involved in sustainable forest management practices; (iv) Development of a responsible purchasing campaign so as to raise awareness on the administrative and institutional provisions of the Strategy and promote the certificate of origin “Darién Responsable” (Responsible Darien) for timber products and by-products from forests under good management practices in the region of Darien.
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