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Project/activity ID PD434/06 Rev.1 (F)
ITTO: $396.201,00
National Counterpart: $62.500,00
Project Total budget: $458.701,00
The Government of Brazil is undertaking major structural strategic changes in order to improve and consolidate sustainable management of its Amazon forests. The National Forest Program has been developed in order to implement this strategy, and establishes on the one hand that timber processing operations must be based on sustainable sources and on the other hand that degraded areas must be rehabilitated. In this connection, a target of 630,000 ha of plantation per year has been established, with as a priority the involvement of small and medium size land owners and local communities.

The project will build on the results of pre-project PPD 3/92 Rev.1 (F)”Integrated Forest Project for the Production of Seedlings in Para State ? Feasibility Study” which highlighted that all regions are facing an acute deficit of seeds and seedlings in quantity and quality. The Pre-project also analyzed an initiative by the Para State Timber Exporting Association (AIMEX) which had established a nursery and a laboratory for seeds processing. It was found that this facility has limitations in terms of capacity and equipment for seeds production.

The objective of this project is to strengthen this existing laboratory facility in order to promote plantation activities in the State of Para with the involvement of small and medium size land owners and local communities. The latter will benefit from the project through training, income generated from seeds collection activities and employment in plantation establishment. The private sector will also benefit from the availability of good quality planting materials allowing them meet, inter alia, their legal obligations to establish timber plantations. The main outputs of the project include:

- Laboratory re-structured to meet the demand for seeds and seedlings,
- Community organization trained in seed collection,
- Nursery expanded for an effective production of 200,000 seedlings, and
- Seedling orchard maintained for future production of good quality seedlings.
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