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Project/activity ID PD432/06 Rev.2 (F)
ITTO: $508.464,00
National Counterpart: $678.651,00
Project Total budget: $1.187.115,00
The project will build on the achievements of projects PD 45/97 Rev.1 (F)”On-site training of tropical foresters and forestry trainers” and PD 206/03 (F) “Development of human resources in sustainable forest management and reduced impact logging in the Brazilian Amazon” implemented by the Insituto Floresta Tropical (IFT). Under these projects, training activities were conducted mainly for industrial forest enterprises and more recently for community forestry initiatives.

The objective of this project is to further promote sustainable multiple-use forest management on public and private forests in the Brazilian Amazon while increasing the socioeconomic and conservation benefits of forest management activities. More specifically, it aims to: i) Strengthen the technical capacity of new Brazilian Forest Service and state agency officials responsible for promoting, regulating, and supervising forest management activities on federal, state, and private lands in the Brazilian Amazon; ii) Raise awareness about the role of forest management (FM) in the sustainable development of the Brazilian Amazon and promote good FM practices through educational outreach that targets forest sector stakeholders with a particular emphasis in the new Sustainable Forestry District along the BR 163 Highway, and iii) Increase the adoption of good forest management practices by communities, concessionaires, and other producers as well as foresters in the Brazilian Amazon?with a particular emphasis in the Sustainable Forestry District near the BR 163?through practical training.

Expected project outputs are as follows:
- 40 persons trained in sustainable forest management and reduced impact logging;
- awareness about forest management as an economic activity increased for 480 people, including forest producers, rural farmers, contractors and forest enterprises representatives;
- 36 people trained in SFM and RIL;
- two demonstration areas on SFM and RIL established;
- Increased technical capacity of forest concessionaires, technical staff and operators in three concessions in execution in the states of Acre, Mato Grosso and Rondonia;
- 12 instructors of other training centers with enhanced specialist skills and competences; and
- Increased technical capacity of other actors in the Legal Amazon.
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