New publications released on solid woodflooring

11 December 2015

A page from the publication Woodflooring: Brazilian species characteristics. Photo: ANPM

The National Hardwood Flooring Association of Brazil (ANPM) recently released four publications on solid woodflooring from tropical timber species as part of the ITTO-funded project PD 433/06 Rev.3 (I) “Sustainable model for the Brazilian wood flooring production chain”. The publications are:
  • Woodflooring: Brazilian species characteristics, which provides information on 13 commercial and 14 lesser-used timber species in Brazil’s tropical forests, such as their anatomical, physical, mechanical properties and their suitability for woodflooring. The publication is available in English and Portuguese.
  • Management of wood residues in the Brazilian wood flooring industry, which provides woodflooring manufacturers with guidelines for improving the management of wood residues in order to comply with the standards established in Brazilian law, on aspects such as residue classification, utilization and disposal. Available in Portuguese only.
  • Woodflooring quality certification programme, which details the technical norms and procedures to be implemented by woodflooring manufacturers to meet the quality standards of international and domestic markets. In conforming to these quality standards, manufacturers will obtain a quality seal from ANPM to assist with product marketing. Available in Portuguese only.
  • Guide for woodflooring installation, which provides basic guidance for final consumers, architects and civil engineers on the proper care of woodflooring before, during and after installation. Available in Portuguese only.
The ITTO project was executed by ANPM with the aim of increasing the efficiency of forest resource use in the Brazilian woodflooring industry. Further information on these publications and the project can be found using ITTO’s project search or at the project website (