Brazil becomes the 66th ITTO member

21 October 2013

The Government of Brazil ratified the ITTA, 2006 on 18 October 2013 becoming the Sixty-sixth Party to the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 2006 in accordance with Article 39 (4) of the Agreement.
Brazil contains the largest area of tropical forest in the world, concentrated in its Amazon forest region. The total forest cover of Brazil is estimated at 519 million hectares, of which 354 million ha are found in the Amazon. Brazil also has more mangrove forest than any other country, with about 1.3 million ha.*
Brazil is also a very important timber producing country, and along with Indonesia, Malaysia and India accounts for two-thirds of the world’s tropical timber production.
Brazil has been a key member of ITTO since its inception, and with its ratification of the ITTA, 2006 it will continue playing an active role in the future of ITTO and in the achievement of sustainable forest management in the tropics.

*Figures according to ITTO SFM Tropics Report 2011