Latest statistics on tropical timber available

22 August 2013

ITTO has published the Annual Review and Assessment of the World Timber Situation 2012 providing data on production and trade of primary wood products with an emphasis on tropical primary wood products of 75 countries.

The Annual review:
  • summarizes developments in major markets for tropical timber;
  • provides an analysis of production, consumption, trade and prices for primary tropical timber products (tropical logs, sawnwood, veneer and plywood);
  • describes trade in secondary processed wood products (SPWPs), with a focus on tropical countries; and
  • provides information on trends in forest area, forest management and the economies of ITTO member countries.

Production and trade data for primary wood products can also be found in the ITTO online statistical database

Major production and trade volumes summary (in millions of m3):

A detailed analysis of the trends of the production and trade of tropical primary wood products can be found in the Review

The French and the Spanish versions of the review will be published in mid-September.