Celebrating the International Day of Forests

Starting in 2013, 21 March of each year will be celebrated as the “International Day of Forests”. To commemorate this occasion, ITTO wants to share 21 stories* of its work with tropical forests and people, which help to illustrate the deep connections that exist between the two.
Forests sustain life, and the actions of man influence the forest. Many people around the world are working hard to ensure this influence is positive and to create a better future for us and for the generations to come. The 21 stories published for this inaugural International Day of Forests reflect the kind of work that many people, with the support of ITTO, are carrying out to sustain and to enhance the values provided by tropical forests around the world.
Latin America:
*The stories were submitted by Executing Agencies of ITTO projects, and therefore, are presented in their original language with minor editing for consistency purposes. The opinions and views expressed in them do not necessarily reflect those of ITTO or its members.