ITTO plans new action agenda

7 March 2001, Yokohama, Japan

ITTO is seeking input for a plan of action that will take it into the new century with a fresh sense of direction and purpose.

Currently, the Organization is guided in its work by the Libreville Action Plan, which spans 1998-2001. This Plan lists goals for each of the Organization's three technical committees and, within these, provides a set of actions for the Organization as a whole. Moreover, it notes those areas in which the Organization may encourage and assist the activities of individual members.

At its most recent session, the International Tropical Timber Council requested the Executive Director to prepare a working paper on a new action plan with the assistance of two consultants. Professor Ivan Tomaselli and Mr Patrick Hardcastle were subsequently engaged and are now requesting input to the report.

The consultants believe it would be helpful if the revised action plan were to contain more closely defined priorities and targets. They also favour a greater distinction between the policy and project work of the Organization, since these two aspects of ITTO's program are subject to differing levels of control. Equally, the varying needs of different members require very different project approaches.

The consultants are now seeking input from members and interested observers. In addition to general comments, specific comments on the following aspects of the Libreville Action Plan would be appreciated:

• Is the separation between Policy and Project work adequate, too much or too little?
• Has the Plan assisted with the direction of the Policy work of the Organization?
• Has the Plan helped with the framing of Project and Pre-project Proposals?
• Are the wider aims of the Organization sufficiently clearly presented?
• Are the Goals for each of the three Committees appropriate?

o Are any of them redundant?
o Should any of them be modified?
o Are additional ones required?

Copies of the Libreville Action Plan can be obtained from the ITTO Secretariat at; it is also available at ITTO's website( Input into the development of a new action plan can be sent to the consultants at the addresses below; both will attend the forthcoming Council meeting in Yaounde, Cameroon to further solicit the views of members and observers.

Please send comments to: Professor Ivan Tomaselli, Director, STCP Engenharia de Projetos, Rua Lysimaco Ferreira da Costa, 101, 80530-100, Curitiba PR, Brazil; Tel 55-41-252 5861; Fax 55-14-252 5871; Email: and/or Mr. Patrick Hardcastle, Gateside, St Cyrus, Montrose, Angus, DD10 0DN, United Kingdom; Tel 44-1561-362 662; Fax 44-1561-362 662; Email: