Workshop examines incentives for sustainable forest management

15 November 2018

Participants at the workshop on “Fiscal Mechanisms for a Sustainable Forest Sector”. Photo: D. Heine/World Bank

The Workshop on Fiscal Mechanisms for a Sustainable Forest Sector, co-convened by ITTO and the World Bank in Washington, DC, in October 2018, brought together about 50 experts across disciplines to discuss fiscal policy mechanisms that can reduce deforestation and forest degradation and contribute to sustainable forest management. Workshop presentations are now available.
Several workshop participants are also contributors to the compendium, “Pathway for Designing Fiscal Mechanisms to Incentivize Deforestation-Free Landscapes and Value Chains for Green Growth”, to be published in 2019, which will incorporate workshop outcomes. ITTO will continue collaborating with the World Bank on fiscal and other incentives for SFM, including by undertaking case studies and pilot initiatives in its producer member countries.
Workshop agenda and presentations can be downloaded below: