Fellowships awarded

New Fellowships awarded at the 50th Session of the ITTC

Twenty-three fellowships were awarded by the International Tropical Organization at the 50th Session of International Tropical Timber Council.  The newest group of fellows represent 15 different countries and includes 8 female fellows.  The total amount of the fellowships was US$150,780. 
ITTO offers fellowships through the Freezailah Fellowship Fund to promote human resource development and to strengthen professional expertise in member countries in tropical forestry and related disciplines. The goal is to promote the sustainable management of tropical forests, the efficient use and processing of tropical timber, and better economic information about the international trade in tropical timber.

2014 Autumn Cycle Fellowship awardees:

Mr. Angwere, Walter Onekon Angwere (Cameroon)   Masters Program in Environment and Natural Resource Management at African Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya
Mr. Atoche Montoya, Werhner (Peru)   XXIV Annual Short Course in Protected Area Management at the Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.
Mr. Awokou, Simon Kodjoli (Benin)   International Conference on "Towards Sustainable Production of Mahogany Species in Plantation in Tropical Africa" at Forestry Research Institute of Ghana in Kumasi, Ghana
Ms. Camacho Moreno, Eleonora (Mexico)   XXVII International Intensive Course on Diversified Management of Tropical Natural Forests at CATIE in Turrialba, Costa Rica
Ms. Camargo, Marisa Camilher (Brazil)   Ph.D. Field Research on "Business Solutions for Climate Change: Towards Effective Forest Governance" at the University of Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland
Ms. Ebune, Rita Mosume (Cameroon)   Short Training Course on "Competing Claims on Natural Resources" at  Centre for Development and Innovation at  Wageningen UR in Wageningen, the Netherlands
Dr. Ev, Anoop (India)   The 3rd World Teak Conference 2014 in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Dr. Eyi Ndong, Hugues Calixte (Gabon)   Preparation of Technical Document on "Practical Guide for Identification of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) of Gabon" at the Botanical Garden Meise in Brussel, Belgium
Ing. Guaman Hernandez, Marco Vinicio (Ecuador)   Master’s Program in Practice of Biodiversity Conservation at CATIE in Turrialba, Costa Rica
Mr. Hashmiu, Ishmael (Ghana)   Preparation of Technical Document entitled "Integrated Assessment of the Prospects and Constraints of Payments for Ecosystem Services for Enhancing Adaptation of Sacred Groves and Indigenous Forest-Dependent Communities to Climate Change in Ghana"
Ms. Kedjeyi, Bidéname (Togo)   Master's Research on "Simplified Mapping related to Ecological Elements of Fazao-Malfakassa Park in Togo" at  AgroParisTech Montpellier in Montpellier, France
Mr. Kouacou, Yao Elvis Franklin (Côte d'Ivoire)   Short Term Training in Use of Flying Object (civilian drones) in Forest Management  at Xamen Technologies in Caen, France
Dr. Molina Murillo, Segio Andres (Costa Rica)   Natural Capital Project Fellows Program at Stanford University in Stanford, U.S.A.
Mr. Nchu, Innocent Ngiehnu (Cameroon)   Short Training Course in "Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change on Agro-ecological Systems Using Optical and SAR Remote Sensing and GIS" at the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands
Mr. Nsiah, Samuel Kwadwo (Ghana)   Masters Thesis on "Community Mapping and Inventory of Traditionally Protected Forests in the Transitional Zone: Utilizing Geographic Information System and Indigenous Knowledge for Policy Formulation and Biodiversity Conservation" at Lakehead Universitym in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Mr. Oppong, James Amponsah (Ghana)   Masters Research on "Phenology and Seed Germination Improvement of Two Important Tree Species" at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana
Mr. Paguada Pérez, Darwin Rolando (Honduras)   Master’s Program in Management and Conservation of Tropical Forests and Biodiversity at CATIE in Turrialba, Costa Rica
Dr. Rebollar Domínguez, Silvia (Mexico)   Preparation of Technical Document on "The Study to Develop Mechanical Test of Two Tropical Timber Species" at the Materials Laboratory of the Yucatan Scientific Research Center, Mexico
Mr. Sann, Bo     (Myanmar)   Ph.D. Research on" Secondary Succession of a Tropical Dry Forest: Diversity Patterns and Regeneration Processes in Relation to Functional Traits of Species" at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan
Dr. Shamsudeen, R. Sheik Mohammed (India)   Preparation of Book on "Wood Bio Deterioration-Insects and Marine Organisms" at Kannur University in Kannur, India
Ms. Thinn, Thinn (Myanmar)   Ph.D. Research on "Assessment of Land Use Changes and Mangrove Recovery in Cyclone-Affected Areas in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar" at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan
Ms. Valentina, Vaglica (Italy)   Publication of Technical Document on "Listing New Timber Species of Dalbergia spp. In the CITES Appendices"  at Department of Forest Management, National Council of Protected Areas in Guatemala City, Guatemala
Dr. Verma, Deepti (India)   Preparation of Technical Document on "Opportunity for Growth of NTFP Based Cottage Enterprises for Upliftment of Hill Economies in India: A Case Study of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, India"