2018 Annual Market Discussion –Private sector tropical timber promotion initiatives– an opportunity for collaboration

2018 Annual Market Discussion –Private sector tropical timber promotion initiatives– an opportunity for collaboration

Date & venue: 6 November 2018, Yokohama, Japan

Despite advances in sustainable tropical forest management, certification and legality verification, changes in the species and products exported and market share lost to engineered wood and worse, alternative materials, present growing challenges for tropical timber traders.
Efforts are being directed to market promotion to win over consumers. Speakers from Gabon, Vietnam, France, USA, Brazil, China and the Netherlands will discuss how they perceive and approach tropical timber market promotion. They will discuss ideas for innovative promotional activities and the role ITTO could play in contributing more to efforts on promoting tropical timber.

Fair and Precious, the umbrella brand to support certified tropical timber
Benoît Jobbé-Duval, Managing  Director, Association Technique Internationale des Bois (ATIBT), France
Promoting partnership between private sector and small households for sustainable production and marketing of planted wood in Vietnam
Ngo Sy Hoai, Vice Secretary General, Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association (VIFORES) and Secretary General, Vietnam Forester Club (VFC)
Strengthening Sustainable Tropical Timber in Civil Works – a Dutch private sector promotion initiative 
Eric D. de Munck, MSc., Netherlands Timber Trade Association (NTTA)/Timber Information Centre, the Netherlands
The newly launched Global Green Supply Chain (GGSC) – a Chinese private sector initiative for sustainable timber purchasing 
Qian Meng, Research Associate, Forestry Policy and Information Institute, Chinese Academy of Forestry
Tropical forest, Legality, sustainability, certification and ..... soccer fields ! 
Françoise van de Ven, Deleguée générale, Union des Forestiers Industriels du Gabon et Aménagistes (UFIGA)
Responsible Production Forest Guardians
Gleisson Omar Tagliari, Director, Mato Grosso State Timber Production and Exportation Industries Center (CIPEM), Brazil
North America – a Multi-Modal Collaborative Tropical Timber Promotion Strategy
Cindy Squires, Esq, Executive Director, International Wood Products Association (IWPA), USA
Presentation of the Trade Statement
Barney Chan, Co-Chair, Trade Advisory Group (TAG)


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