ITTO/FAO international conference on tropical plywood

ITTO/FAO international conference on tropical plywood

Date & venue: 26-28 September 2005,Beijing, China

Photo: C. Mayura/ITTO

This conference, which was followed by field visits to industrial sites in Bejing and Hangzhou, was attended by close to 200 participants—the vast majority business people—from 31 countries around the world. It proved a great opportunity to make new business contacts and to get updated on the latest trends in tropical plywood production and trade worldwide, with a particular focus on the emerging role of China and why it is competing so effectively. Key presentations were made and panel discussions held on global issues affecting the tropical plywood sector, including production and trade data, emerging trade barriers (including non-tariff trade barriers—NTTBs), technology developments, the raw-material outlook, and the challenging corporate responsibilities of plywood manufacturing.

Proceedings of the conference are under preparation and will be published soon. In the meantime, the conference program, presentations and the summary and conclusions are posted below.

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  • ITTO/FAO International Conference on Tropical Plywood, 26-28 Sept. 2005. Beijing, China. Published by ITTO/FAO.


Conference program


Monday, 26 September

Opening Ceremonial Session

Session 1: Production and Trade of Tropical Plywood (TP)
Chair: Prof. Kelin Ye, Director, Research Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry

Panel on consumers' regional perspectives

Plywood markets in:

Session 2: Opportunities and Challenges for International Trade in TP
Chair: Mr Paul Vantomme, ITTO


Tuesday, 27 September

Wednesday, 28 September


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