Civil Society Advisory Group

Representatives of an indigenous community in Peru deliver school furniture through the government’s MYPErú purchasing programme, which benefited from ITTO assistance. Photo: M. Espinoza

The Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG) was formed in 2002 at the Thirty-second Session of the International Tropical Timber Council. It comprises representatives of non-governmental environmental and other civil-society organizations with a focus on conservation and sustainable development. It brings the perspectives of its members to the Council on issues such as gender, forest tenure, biodiversity conservation and the rights and needs of forest-dependent peoples.

CSAG and the Trade Advisory Group (TAG) work together to operationalize collaboration in the field between non-governmental organizations, forest concessionaires, timber traders and other stakeholders. They also provide advice to ITTO and the International Tropical Timber Council on collaborative approaches to achieving ITTO’s objectives, as outlined in the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 2006. The memberships of TAG and CSAG are open-ended and change over time.