18 No 1

African Promise

Africa has long languished at the bottom of most global league
tables of economic, social and environmental development.
The reasons for this are many and inter-related but include
poor governance, instability and civil strife, inadequate public health and
education, undiversified and poorly managed economies and a lack of public
and private investment in all kinds of infrastructure.

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Promoting SFM in Africa


Photo: M. Mbolo

An ITTO project develops C&I and manuals for the management of African tropical forests

By by Richard Eba’a Atyi and Hanna Nikinmaa

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Forest and protected area management in Cameroon


Photo: T.J. Chupezi

Progress has been significant, but challenges remain

By by Julius Chupezi Tieguhong and Jean Lagarde Betti

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Improving forest governance in the Republic of Congo

An ITTO-supported remote sensing project assists mapping and monitoring

By Benoit Mertens and Pierre Méthot

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Getting Certfied in PNG


Photo: Y. Bun

An indigenous community attains FSC certification with ITTO assistance

By By Yati Bun

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Expanding timber species utilization in Guyana


Photo: Demerara Timbers Limited

An ITTO project helps to increase forest potential through LUS testing and marketing

By by Pradeepa Bholanath

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Briefing on ITTO’s project work

The new projects summarized below were financed at the 43rd session of the International Tropical Timber Council.

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Market Trends

Mortgage meltdowns, monsoons and shipping costs impact tropical timber in last quarter of 2007 and early 2008

By by Lauren Flejzor

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Fellowship Report

Two ITTO Fellowship recipients identify trends and developments in African forest management and governance

By Donatien Nzala and Koffi Effanam Adadji

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Recent Editions


By Edited by Ken Sato

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Topical and Tropical


By Edited by Ken Sato

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ITTO loses a cornerstone


Elena Patricia (‘Patty’) Hanashiro
26 April 1964 — 10 February 2008

Elena Patricia (‘Patty’) Hanashiro
passed away in Vancouver, Canada
after a battle with breast cancer

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Fellowship report


How well do mangroves planted on ex-agricultural land in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Delta survive and grow?

By Maung Maung Than, Yukira Mochida and Motohiko Kogo

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