17 No 4

Tapping the potential of communities

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A rubber-tapper in the Antimary State Forest, Acre, Brazil.
Photo: R. Guevara/ITTO

For a week in July 2007, the Brazilian city of Rio Branco, in the heart
of the Amazon, became the community forestry capital of the world.
Participants from 40 countries came together to explore the emerging
phenomenon of community-based forest enterprises (CFEs)—dynamic, smallscale
businesses that are starting to tap the huge wealth of entrepreneurial talent
that exists in forest-dwelling Indigenous and local communities.

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Background to the conference


Photo: A. Martin

- Key themes discussed
- Contributions and constraints
- Social organization
- Economics of the community forest timber enterprise
- Economics of non-timber forest products and services
- Tenure, access rights and regulatory frameworks
- Key barriers, constraints and solutions

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Day One Sunday 15 July

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Day Two: Monday 16 July


Photo: Chris Aldridge

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Day Three and Four
Tue 17 July, Wed 18 July


Photos: A. Martin

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Day Five Thursday 19 July


Photo: A. Sarre

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Day Six Friday 20 July

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List of participants Side Benefits

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The Rio Branco Declaration


Photo: A. Sarre

Statement issued by the International Conference of Community Forest Management and
Community Forest Enterprises

Rio Branco
Acre, Brazil
20 July 2007

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