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A legal matter

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One of the most serious obstacles to sustainable forest management (SFM) in many ITTO member countries is illegality in the extraction of forest resources and the trade of forest products. With the international community as close to consensus on the meaning of SFM as it is ever likely to be (all active SFM criteria-and-indicators processes now use the same seven thematic areas), attention has shifted to defining an equally contentious concept: the legality of forestry operations. This edition of the TFU examines this issue.

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Papua New Guinea – the other side of the story


Photo: SGS

Papua New Guinea has made progress in monitoring log exports

By Kwame Asumadu

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Thailand's mission


Photo: M. Simula

A ban on logging in natural forests, which has been in place since 1989, may inadvertently have contributed to a decline in the quality of forest administration in the country. But SFM is still possible

By Markku Simula, Takeshi Akaha, Bipin Behari and Yam Malla

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Partnership for good forest management


Photo: IFT

A joint initiative of researchers and timber industries in the Brazilian Amazon

By J. Natalino M. Silva, Benno Pokorny, César Sabogal, J. Olegário P. de Carvalho and Johan Zweede

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Tracking the wood


Photo: J. Lounasvuori

Many tropical countries need help to improve their timber-tracking systems

By Jussi Lounasvuori and Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Ali

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ITTO's recently funded projects

The projects and pre-projects summarized below were financed at the 41st session of the International Tropical Timber Council

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Market trends


The TFU's regular look at tropical timber markets: bullish market in 2006

By Jairo Castaño

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Fellowship report


ITTO Fellowship Programme: contributing to capacity-building in sustainable tropical forest management

By Chisato Aoki

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On the conference circuit


Reports on the 41st Session of the International Tropical Timber Council, the 16th Meeting of Senior Fellowships Officers of the United Nations System and Host Country Agencies and an ITTO workshop on creating awareness in Africa on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) forestry projects

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Recent editions and courses


New books and reports and short training courses for professionals in forestry and related disciplines

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A comprehensive listing of coming conferences relevant to sustainable tropical forest management

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Vacancy announcements


Position openings at ITTO

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