16 No 3

Tight straits for the trade

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Photo: M. Adams/ITTO

The tropical timber trade is beating against the current. Prices (particularly for plywood) might be on the rise after several years in the doldrums, but the policy environment in which the trade operates has never been tougher. This edition of the TFU looks at some of the issues.

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Subsidy or incentive?


Photo: A. Sarre

The detailed analysis of subsidies affecting the tropical forest sector requires a well-thought-out framework

By Alberto Goetzl

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Where is procurement heading?


Photo: H. Rubin/ITTO

Governments and importers are busy devising and implementing policies for timber purchasing. They should coordinate their efforts

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Timber on the high seas

ITTO and partners are investigating ways to reduce illegality in the transportation of timber

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What next for Asia-Pacific?

An FAO study has been launched to help understand the changes taking place in the Asia-Pacific forestry sector and the options available for the future

By CTS Nair

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Developing a sustainable trade

An ITTO project in the Brazilian Amazon succeeded in its aim of increasing trade in sustainably produced timber, but it could have done better

By Enrique Toledo

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Building the capacity for SFM


An ITTO project has initiated a process to provide more information and training on sustainable forest management in the Peruvian Amazon

By Miguel Ocampo and Carlos Linares

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How to handle a hotspot


Photo: L. Benites

An ITTO project has initiated processes for the conservation and sustainable development of a transboundary conservation area on the border between Bolivia and Peru

By Lucas Benites and Clea Paz

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Out on a limb

The SFM conundrum

By Alf Leslie

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Fellowship report


How well do mangroves planted on ex-agricultural land in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Delta survive and grow?

By Maung Maung Than, Yukira Mochida and Motohiko Kogo

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On the conference circuit


Reports on the TFD scoping dialogue on poverty reduction through commercial forestry, the informal meeting of the WTO Trade Negotiations Committee, application of Forest Law Enforcement in the Amazon, and the CITES Bigleaf Mahogany Working Group meeting

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Recent editions


New books and reports

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Topical and tropical


News from ITTO's Tropical Timber Market Report

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Short training courses for professionals in forestry and related disciplines

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A comprehensive listing of coming conferences relevant to sustainable tropical forest management

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