18 No 4

Sustainable forest industries

A litany of sins has been laid at the doorstep of the tropical forest industry, too often deservedly so. From illegal logging to contributing to civil wars, from human rights violations to corrupting governments, it is easy to find reports casting significant blame for these and a myriad of other ills on the forest industry. However, like most generalizations, this one is at best only partly true.

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Quantifying NTFPs

Photo: IUCN

An ITTO-sponsored project helps address the lack of information on non-timber forest products in Central Africa

By Cléto Ndikumagenge and Precillia Tata Ngome

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Changing realities for tropical forest managers

Photo: W. Laurance

The tropical timber industry needs effective self-policing to maintain markets

By William F. Laurance

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Converting mahogany


Photo: J. Grogan

Peru’s efforts to monitor trade and contribute to sustainability of an endangered timber species

By Ivan Tomaselli and Sofia R. Hirakuri

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Systems for SFM

Photo: J. Carvalho

An ITTO-sponsored project has supported a public-private partnership to promote the adoption of good forest management practices in the Brazilian Amazon.

By João Olegário Pereira de Carvalho, José Natalino Macedo Silva, Benno Pokorny, César Sabogal and Johan Zweede

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Getting more money for forests

Photo: H. Castro
(Conservation International)

ITTO promotes responsible investment in tropical forests

By Ramon Carrillo

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Getting a better handle on forest products in India

Photo: J. Blaser

An ITTO-sponsored workshop starts a process aimed at improving India’s forest-sector statistics

By Bipin Behari

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Fellowship report

The development of a bamboo utilization tool for Ghana

By Stephen Lartey Tekpetey

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Market Trends

Global economic slowdown hits tropical timber prices

By Lauren Flejzor

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Recent Editions

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Passing of a forester

Alf Leslie, friend of ITTO and eminent forester, passed away earlier this year

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