18 No 3

Climate changing for tropical forests

This issue of TFU is published as substantial levels of assistance start to flow to some tropical countries through various climate-related initiatives. This is indeed a welcome development for these countries. As ITTO and others have pointed out for many years, it was always unrealistic to expect one (usually under-valued) resource – timber - to fund the bulk of the costs tropical countries incur to sustainably manage tropical forests and maintain the myriad benefits they provide.

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Great expectations

Photo: C. Chavez

Why there are so few forestry projects under the Clean Development Mechanism

By Carmenza Robledo and Hwan Ok Ma

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Carbon trading in the Philippines

Photo: A.E. Pasa

Numerous challenges to overcome for smallholders to benefit

By Arturo E. Pasa

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Emerging market for land-use carbon credits

Photo: H. Castro

Regulatory momentum and reliable standards support growth

By Michael A. Cullen and Leslie L. Durschinger

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The CPF’s strategic framework for forests and climate change

By ITTO Secretariat

UN-REDD ready for action

Photo: E. Muller

$35 million partnership aims to build strategies for the sustainable management of tropical forests

By Peter Holmgren

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Fellowship Report

Photo: A. Dhakal

Tree growth performance in private plantations in Nepal’s central Terai region

By Arun Dhakal

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Recently Funded Projects

These projects were financed at the Forty-fourth session of the International
Tropical Timber Council, which was held November 3-8, 2008.

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Market Trends

Volatile markets wreak havoc on timber trade in first three quarters of 2008

By Lauren Flejzor

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Recent Editions

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Topical and tropical

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Out on a limb

Ambassador Hans Brattskar explains Norway’s international climate and forest initiative

By Hans Brattskar

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